Hammer mill

Hammer Mill
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Meelko hammer mills are designed to provide high efficiency and versatility in the crushing and milling processes, with them not only find application in the grinding of biomass products, but also in the crushing of other mineral materials.


In the process of preparing the feed there may be a series of ingredients that require some form of special processing, for example, corn, where the reduction of particle size is necessary to improve the performance of the ingredients and increase the nutritional level ; that reduction in size can be achieved in many ways, however, one of the most appropriate ways to treat this cereal is through the hammer mills that we manufacture in Meelko.

Sus principales ventajas son:


  • They are capable of producing a wide range of particle sizes.
  • They work with any fiber material.
  • The ease of use.
  • A lower initial investment compared to other machines in the market.
  • Only minimal maintenance is necessary.
  • The particles produced using our hammer mills in general will have a spherical result with a surface with a polished appearance.

                            Working with Meelko machinery guarantees an optimized experience. Our more than 30 years in the market make us the most viable option to start and improve your animal feed production and / or other services business. In addition to our credibility in the market you will find in us a wide range of devices that will help improve your production enormously, our machines were designed to be durable and reliable, in addition to having a great optimization of resources.



Technical specifications:

Model: MKHM158B

Power: 1.5 kW

Capacity: 440 - 660 lbs/hr

Dimensions: 28 x 20 x 25 inches

Weight: 176 lbs


PRICE: USD $ 1, 256.00


Contact phone: +17862315206 Ext: 135
Whatsapp Meelko phone: +17862168098
Contact Email: acharmelo@meelko.com

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