Flour Mill MKFY-50

Flour Mill MKFY-50
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Flour Mill MKFY-50
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The small flour milling machines are mainly for independent use, it can also be used in a small plant. The grains that are processed are wheat, corn, and rice.


This flour milling machine is our base model, however, it is very efficient. It has a compact structure, good appearance.


Our flour grinders have the benefit of operating with lower energy consumption, low noise, good performance and high efficiency. Its use is too simple, it does not require a specialist to handle it.


Mode of use:


From the top of the machine, the grain that you are going to process in flour is added to the feed hopper.


The grain is entering the interior of the machine gradually, and the two rollers with milled forms that perform the work, are grinding the grain that goes down to the bottom of the machine.


Entering the tacho-shaped container, where the small particles of the large particles are divided. The Flour with the appropriate micronaje falls through the lower mouth, under the tacho, the bran of a greater micronaje, falls through the lateral mouth of the tacho.


All our machines are guaranteed for long duration, they are built with American standard steels. And they can be used periodically in a private or commercial way for small businesses.


If you consider that a flour mill is a large and expensive industry in thousands or millions of dollars unattainable for a small producer.


If you consider that you are a wheat producer, you sell your raw material without giving it any added value, and then you have a lot of free time.


You can make, with very little money, your own mill for grains and cereals, and in a matter of a short time sell your raw material with a lot of added value to your customers, even take it to the shelves of supermarkets and bakeries.


Technical specifications:

Model: MKFY-50

Power: 15 kW

Capacity: 1100 lbs/hr

Dimensions: 58 x 32 x 59

Weight: 1782


PRICE: USD $ 5, 533.60


Contact phone: +17862315206 Ext: 135
Whatsapp Meelko phone: +17862168098
Contact Email: acharmelo@meelko.com

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