Pelletizing Combo MKFD150C

Pelletizing Combo MKFD150C
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With Meelko's machinery combos for wood pellet plants, you will be able to produce well-finished pellets using your materials to the maximum, all with the confidence of carrying state-of-the-art engineered machines that guarantee high durability and outstanding performance.

How does it work?

The first phase for this process is grinding, something you can do by using our Meelko Hammer Mills. The final results depend entirely on this step, as it is intimately related to the type of wood used in the manufacturing process.

Pellets are natural products manufactured through a process that allows various materials to be compacted as long as they have a micronage smaller than the size of the perforation.

The next step is drying, for this we offer a variety of Meelko flatbed dryers depending on the amount of raw material per hour that you wish to handle.

The pelletizing machines offered by Meelko have excellent performance and durability to obtain ultimate results by optimizing the pelletizing process. The types of materials that have been successfully made compact are infinite, starting with wood and food products for farm animals, like cows, pigs, etc.

  The most important factor is the moisture contained in these materials. Depending on the work required and the size or kilos needed per hour, you may choose whether the matrix is flat or annular. However, even when the flat matrix pelletizer is currently the one that is getting all the awards for its simplicity, low consumption, high performance, and variety of uses; in some cases it is recommended to use ring matrix as well.

Finally the product is moved to the cooling and packaging phase, both machines are also available in Meelko's stock.

Main benefits of Meelko machines:

- Comfort: Meelko devices combine great efficiency with the highest of quality and durability.

- Resource Optimization: You can use the waste from your garden plants to make pellets for heating, so your investment will never fail to pay off!

- Experience & Credibility: With more than 20 years of experience in the market, not only do we offer a high quality of service; we also have an advanced knowledge in the area which gives us the trust customers need in the selection of our products.

- Versatility: You will be able to create pellets for animal food, heating and a many other possible uses.

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