COMBO- Electric ExtruderMKED90B

COMBO- Electric ExtruderMKED90B
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With Meelko machinery combos for fish, cat or dog food, you will be able to elaborate balanced high-quality food, using the best of your raw material with the confidence of taking machines equipped with vanguard engineering that ensure not only high durability but outstanding performance.


The extruders are perfect in the manufacturing of several animal feeding products. Also, final products may have different shapes according to your needs and preferences. 


How does it work?


Once the high quality ingredients have been selected for the production of the food with your desired nutritional standards, the next step is proceeding to the grinding phase (using one or more Meelko hammer mills), which is something fundamental in the animal feed production process and it depends entirely on the particle size distribution since it allows to generate premium quality granulates.


When the grinding phase is complete, the resulting powder is mixed with smaller ingredients (for instance: minerals, vitamins, etc.) and then passed to the extrusion cooking and moulding stage. The extrusion cooking of Meelko's extruder machines allow perfect mixing and control parameters for cutting, temperature and dwell time to guarantee the highest physical and nutritional standards.


After this, the product must be dried. For this, we also provide drying ovens, which ensure a homogeneous drying to facilitate the packaging process, for which we also have Meelko packing machines available in the market.


As a plus, we have a great variety of machinery, and many years of experience to help you choose the Meelko product combination that best suits your interests, needs, and projects. We guarantee high quality and scalability of service. To date, we supply machinery to small, medium and large industries. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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